Rolison: Statement on MTA Tax

January 14, 2014 

ROLISON: Statement on MTA Tax

Poughkeepsie, NY – The decision today by the NYS Court of Appeals to not hear arguments on the MTA tax is another blow to the businesses and taxpayers of the Hudson Valley.

If New York State is serious about moving our economy in the right direction than it needs to create a level playing field where businesses have an opportunity to succeed – not through corporate welfare schemes, but real relief from Albany’s overreaching and over burdening taxes.

Between unfunded mandates handed down from Albany and MTA taxes coming up from New York City, Hudson Valley businesses and taxpayers are getting squeezed in the middle and are treated as nothing more than fiscal hostages.

As Senator, I will fight for an end to the payroll tax so we can begin bringing real relief and economic recovery to our over burdened businesses and struggling families.

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