Rolison: I Believe in Poughkeepsie

Rolison: I Believe in Poughkeepsie; Announces Candidacy for Mayor of the City of Poughkeepsie


Good Afternoon, I’m Rob Rolison and I believe in Poughkeepsie.


I believe in our City that has a rich history as an important city along the Hudson River and I believe that we are well positioned to enjoy an extraordinary renaissance.


I believe that while we still face several challenges, there are no obstacles too great that we cannot overcome;


And I believe that together, we can work to restore Poughkeepsie to greatness.


This year, as we elect a new mayor, we are faced with an important decision about the direction we will take our City in and with whom we will entrust to lead our city into a new era of prosperity.


It is with this awesome task in mind, that after much thought and consideration, I put my love for our City above any personal or political gain and today, I officially announce my candidacy for Mayor of the City of Poughkeepsie.


I know the challenges the City faces are many – an overworked police force, families combating drug addiction and mental health issues, businesses unwilling to invest but together we can turn it all around and I have the experience to lead the charge.


Together we can bring back community policing, open a youth services center, bring more drug prevention and mental health services, make our streets safer, attract and retain jobs and maintain the quality of life that so many of us have enjoyed here for years.


As we stand here today in a revitalized housing and commercial establishment on middle Main, enjoy baked goods from Giselle’s Bakery on the 500 block and food from The Artist’s Palate on the 300 block, we witness a great example of how the fabric of our City can be woven together.


Main Street is the heart of this city, and the stronger our heart the stronger our body, mind and spirit.


By reconnecting all of our City’s neighborhoods, we create a better and stronger Poughkeepsie for all our residents.


My experience as a County Legislator representing the City of Poughkeepsie since 2003, will allow me the tools required to fully address the needs of all city residents. Since 2010, my colleagues have elected me Chairman of the Legislature, which shows my leadership ability and capability to work to get things done.


I have dedicated my life to public safety, starting as a young volunteer fireman of 14 years, and then becoming a police officer, where I rose thru the ranks from patrolman to detective, serving for 29 years. I will bring much needed public safety experience to our city government.


My experience and proven dedication will benefit our great City as we must turn around our economy and work to ensure safer and more secure neighborhoods throughout Poughkeepsie.


Our City is a true urban hub with access to the Hudson River, rail service to the North and South and our world-class institutions of higher education – the three are a recipe for tremendous economic development.


The groundwork has been laid – now let’s lets capitalize on it and move our city forward.

However, if we are to be successful, it can only be done if we work together.

I will need your help. I will need your support. And with that support, I will work hard every single day to improve the quality of life for all City residents.


As the great Matthew Vassar said, “If we only follow on, in the old beaten paths we will make no progress. We can do no more, than others have done before us… My motto is progress.”


So today, I not only announce my candidacy, I ask for you to join me.


Join me in not just a race for Mayor, but a campaign for our City. A campaign that will restore our faith and confidence so that future generations, like us, can believe in Poughkeepsie again.


Thank you all for coming. Thank you to my wife Lori and son Chris for allowing me the opportunity to serve. Thank you to our host William Stanley of Cornell Pace, Inc. and the property manager Martin Robinson.


Thank you to my fellow elected officials who took the time to come out today in support of this city.

Thank you to all of you for your support and God Bless our great city of Poughkeepsie.

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