Rolison Endorsed by Town of Poughkeepsie Police Retiree Association

POUGHKEEPSIE – City of Poughkeepsie mayoral candidate and County Legislature Chairman Rob Rolison today announced that he has been endorsed by the Town of Poughkeepsie Police Retiree Association (TPPRA).


On July 29 Rolison announced a joint county-city plan to provide Poughkeepsie with additional resources to combat a recent string of shootings in the Queen City. The plan included doubling the number of patrols involving Sheriff’s Office and City of Poughkeepsie Police Department personnel in crime hot spots. A description of steps already enacted as well as future crime-prevention policies can be found here.


“I have known fellow TPPRA member Rob Rolison for 26 years, including 13 years in the Town of Poughkeepsie Police Department Detective Division. He is a friend, a leader, and a dedicated member of our law enforcement community committed to the safety of the public. He is the only candidate with the experience and record of results necessary to lead Poughkeepsie as its next mayor starting on day one,” said Roger Kroll, President of the Town of Poughkeepsie Police Retiree Association.


“Poughkeepsie’s comeback must include keeping our families safe and providing our brave men and women in law enforcement with the tools they need to do their jobs. My combined 26 years as a detective and patrolman provide me with the experience to keep our streets safe starting on day one. I am grateful to Roger Kroll and the members of TPPRA for their support of our campaign to make Poughkeepsie safer, cleaner, and stronger,” said Rolison.


For a full list of Rob Rolison’s endorsements for mayor, please visit his website

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